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We offer two 3-hour workshops on how to take your photography skills to the next level. Firstly, Intro to DSLR Photography – The Basics and secondly, Get to Work – Beyond the Basics.  You’ve got that fancy DSLR, now what?  It’s time to rock it, let that camera really stretch its legs and abilities for you.  We’ll teach you how by guiding you through the basics then putting those basics to work.  By the end of these workshops you’ll be in the drivers seat and no longer afraid of all the many functions of your camera.

Most people think that making a great photo is about having the latest camera model or lens that will do the work for them!  Unfortunately that’s simply not true UNLESS you know how to manually operate or control that great camera, while understanding a few basic principals.  Only then will you have the skills to nail that amazing shot time after time.  Everyone gets lucky once in awhile, but we can teach you how to stack the deck in your favor so the majority of your photos are keepers.

In Intro to DSLR Photography – The Basics, we teach you how to get your camera out of auto mode and take control of your creativity by helping you understand the functions of your camera.  What is the difference between Av, Tv, M, & P, and when should you use them?  What is aperture and what does it do for you?  F-Stops?  If your the type of person that always sets your camera in P or Program, this class is perfect for you.  We will dive into the following topics.

Aperture – How to make your background sharp or blurred
ISO – Your camera’s sensitivity to light and when to adjust it
Shutter Speed – Freeze motion or let it streak in the frame
Lenses – How to choose the best lens for your desired results
White Balance – How to control the colors in your images
Shooting Modes – No more guessing! Pick the right mode.
Focusing – Manual vs Auto
RAW Files vs. JPEG – Learn why you must shoot RAW

Our second class, Get to Work – Beyond the Basics, is the practical application of the DSLR basics, plus a lesson on a few advanced camera features.  We will put to work our new understanding of aperture, ISO, & shutter speed and  build on what makes a great photo by getting into:

Composition  – How to tell a story with your photos
Seeing Light -How to use available light to your advantage
Analyzing Histograms – Take the mystery out of that graph of peaks and valleys

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Our classes are held at Legend City Studios, a professional working photography studio located in downtown Phoenix, home to Brandon Sullivan Photography, Camerawerks, and fine art painter, Randy Slack.


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